Changelog: Service Update April 1, 2011

Summary: Renaming three classes, minor extensions, logical polishing

  1. Replaced gr:ActualProductOrServiceInstance by gr:Individual, deprecated gr:ActualProductOrServiceInstance, added mutual owl:equivalentClass axioms, and updated all domain/range axioms and comment/label mentions
  2. Replaced gr:ProductOrServicesSomeInstancesPlaceholder by gr:SomeItems, deprecated gr:ProductOrServicesSomeInstancesPlaceholder, added mutual owl:equivalentClass axioms, and updated all domain/range axioms and comment/label mentions
  3. Replaced gr:LocationOfSalesOrServiceProvisioning by gr:Location, deprecated {=html} <meta charset="utf-8"> {=html} </meta> gr:LocationOfSalesOrServiceProvisioning, added mutual owl:equivalentClass axioms, and updated all domain/range axioms and comment/label mentions
  4. Added new payment options: gr:JCB, gr:PaySwarm, and gr:GoogleCheckout
  5. Added a gr:hasGTIN-8 property for GTIN-8 (EAN/UCC-8) codes
  6. Added gr:displayPosition owl:AnnotationProperty so that a preferred display position for elements and data can be represented
  7. Added a gr:Brand class and a gr:hasBrand property for relating gr:ProductOrService and gr:BusinessEntity nodes to a brand name or brand identity
  8. Added gr:displayPosition values to the days of the week (gr:Monday=1, gr:Tuesday=2,...,gr:Sunday=7, gr:PublicHolidays=8); this simplifies ordering in SPARQL queries
  9. Expanded the rdfs:domain for gr:hasISICv4 to the union of gr:BusinessEntity and gr:Location
  10. Updated deprecated elements gr:isListPrice and gr:Buy to OWL 2 style for deprecated elements (owl:depracted = true) and defined an owl:AnnotationProperty owl:deprecated for OWL 1 compliance
  11. Deprecated gr:N-Ary-Relations, because it was an unnecessary abstract class
  12. Removed gr:N-Ary-Relations from and added gr:WarrantyPromise, gr:TypeAndQuantityNode, gr:OpeningHoursSpecification to disjointness axioms
  13. Removed rdfs:subClassOf relations from gr:WarrantyPromise, gr:TypeAndQuantityNode, gr:OpeningHoursSpecification to gr:N-Ary-Relations
  14. Added disjointess axioms to gr:WarrantyPromise, gr:TypeAndQuantityNode, and gr:OpeningHoursSpecification
  15. Added mutual disjointness axioms between gr:DeliveryChargeSpecification, gr:PaymentChargeSpecification, and gr:UnitPriceSpecification
  16. Added mutual disjointness axioms between gr:QuantitativeValueInteger and gr:QuantitativeValueFloat
  17. Added disjointness axioms between all subclasses of gr:ProductOrService
  18. Changed rdfs:label contents to a more human-readable form (removed camel case etc.)
  19. Updated the rdfs:comment for gr:ProductOrServiceModel in order to clarify the prototype semantics
  20. Removed the disjointness axioms between gr:ProductOrService and both gr:Location and gr:BusinessEntity, because an object being offered could also be a legal entity or a location
  21. Changed the link from the ontology entity to the HTML resource from rdfs:seeAlso to foaf:homepage
  22. Clarified the definition of gr:validFrom and gr:validThrough
  23. Updated the text for gr:opens and gr:closes in order to illustrate opening hours that span midnight
  24. Added rdfs:range rdfs:Literal for gr:datatypeProductOrServiceProperty
  25. Polished rdfs:comment for gr:UnitPriceSpecification
  26. Expanded the rdfs:domain of gr:hasBusinessFunction to the union of gr:Offering and gr:TypeAndQuantityNode so that bundles with individual business functions for components of the bundle are possible
  27. Removed most disjointness axioms for gr:QualitativeValue, since most classes do not conflict with a usage as a value
  28. Added a gr: prefix and internal links to GoodRelations elements mentioned in rdfs:comment properties
  29. Expanded the rdfs:domain of gr:category to the union of gr:ProductOrService, gr:Offering, gr:Location, and gr:BusinessEntity.
  30. Added the option to indicate an informal hierarchical order inside gr:category labels using delimiters.
  31. Added a note to gr:validThrough and gr:UnitPriceSpecification that Google requires validity data for prices.
  32. Changed the cardinality of gr:hasNext and gr:hasPrevious to 0..1, because instances of gr:PublicHolidays do not always have a fixed ordering relation to the days of the week.