Cookbook/GoodRelations for Shop Software

Adding GoodRelations to Web Shop Software


On this page, we describe how you can extend existing Web shop software packages, like xtCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, etc. by GoodRelations.

This can be done

  • centrally for the official distribution of the software,
  • individually, by customizing a single shop installation,
  • by developing an extension module that shop owners can add to their existing shop installation.

The approach is always the same. We strongly recommend that makers of shop software add GoodRelations as feature to their official distribution, because this means that all of their customers can immediately benefit from semantic SEO witg GoodRelations. The coding effort is almost the same for all three variants, except that developing extension modules usually involves a higher learning effort for understanding the extension module mechanism for a particular shop software packages.

Goals and Requirements


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