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Consuming GoodRelations Data: Overview

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In this chapter, we will explain how you can use the SPARQL Query Language to find information about products, stores, and companies based on GoodRelations data.

One prequisite for doing so is that the relevant RDF data has been collected from the Web, cleansed, and loaded into a triplestore or other RDF infrastructure that provides a SPARQL endpoint for you to access.

This is no trivial challenges, as we will outline below, but it is outside the scope of this user's guide to cover this topic in depth. As a starting point, see the e.g. the publications by Alon Halevy (Google), who is one of the leading experts in the field.

In the following, we focus on the queries and filter patterns that you should use to access GoodRelations conceptual elements.

Crawling E-Commerce Data

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  1. CommonCrawl and Web Data Commons (and why it sucks for e-commerce)


  1. Breadth-first
  2. Depth-first

Browser Extensions