Shop extensions

Adding GoodRelations to Standard Shop Software

For many popular shop applications, there exist free extension modules that make adding GoodRelations RDFa for semantic SEO as simple as a few mouse-clicks.

If your software package is not listed here, you can:

  1. Ask your vendor to add GoodRelations using this recipe. We provide free support for this!
  2. Add GoodRelations to your templates manually using this recipe.
  3. Export your catalog in BMEcat syntax and use this tool. This is mainly interesting for manufacturers or very large shops.

Important: Once you have installed one of the modules, you MUST be patient - it can take up to 60 days until Google will show rich snippets for your site! Our analysis shows that too many shop owners give up way too soon and remove the extensions if they do not see an immediate effect.


As of now, we do not know of new extension modules under development. Please help us change that!



See the respective challenge entry.