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GoodRelations Tool Archive

On this page, we archive information about deprecated GoodRelations tools. Those tools are no longer be actively maintained; yet, the source code may still be useful. We assume no responsibility for those tools.

What May Be Needed To Revive Deprecated GoodRelations Tools

We would be glad to see volunteers who will help revive the deprecated tools. Depending on the age of the last available version, here is what will be typically required or recommended:

  1. Implement changes from the [[Changelog|GoodRelations changelog].
  2. Replace VCard contact information markup by the most recent version of the RDF version or, likely better, by the elements for Person, Organization, or PostalAddress.
  3. Remove obsolete Yahoo Searchmonkey markup.

Unordered List

  • RDF2dataRSS
  • Google Shopping Feeds Converter
  • ELMAR2GoodRelations
  • GoodRelations Annotator - More sophisticated tool for creating a description for your business
  • GoodRelations Statistics: Tool that collects and exposes detailed data on the popularity of GoodRelations elements in the wild (with RDFa export)

Generating GoodRelations Data

Consuming GoodRelations Data