Extensions for GoodRelations for Specific Industries

GoodRelations can be used in combination with a vocabulary that defines the specific type of products and their features for a particular industry segment, e.g. - cars, - tickets, - hotels, etc.

On this page, we list such vocabularies.

  • Cars, boats, bikes, etc.: The Vehicle Sales Ontology (VSO)
  • Tickets for concerts, museums, and airfare and train tickets: The Tickets Ontology (TIO)
  • The Products Ontology: over 600,000 precise classes from Wikipedia
  • Hotels, Camping Sites, Vacation Homes: The Accommodation Ontology (ACCO)
  • Consumer Products Ontologies from the OPDM Project (currently 37 ontologies)
    • http://www.ebusiness-unibw.org/ontologies/opdm/
    • Bicycle Vocabulary
    • DVD Player and Blu-ray Player Vocabulary
    • Book Vocabulary
    • Car HiFi Vocabulary
    • Chair Vocabulary
    • Coffee Machine Vocabulary
    • Computer Vocabulary
    • Cooker and Oven Vocabulary
    • Digital Camera Vocabulary
    • Digital Receiver Vocabulary
    • Dishwasher Vocabulary
    • Dryer Machine Vocabulary
    • Game Console Vocabulary
    • Garment Vocabulary
    • Glasses Vocabulary
    • Hair Dryer Vocabulary
    • Home Hifi Vocabulary
    • Landline Phones Vocabulary
    • Microwave Vocabulary
    • Mobile Phone Vocabulary
    • Modem Vocabulary
    • Navigation Device Vocabulary
    • Paper Vocabulary
    • Perfume Vocabulary
    • Portable Media Player Vocabulary
    • Printer Vocabulary
    • Fridge and Freezer Vocabulary
    • Shaver Vocabulary
    • Shoe Vocabulary
    • Shredder Vocabulary
    • Storage Media Vocabulary
    • Tablet PC Vocabulary
    • Television Vocabulary
    • Vacuum Cleaner Vocabulary
    • Video Camera Vocabulary
    • Video Projector Vocabulary
    • Washer Machine Vocabulary


Creating New Vocabularies for Products and Services

For specific vertical industries, it may be useful to create your own vocabulary/ontology for types of goods and services and their features.