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GoodRelations for Real Estate

Work in progress: This page is an incomplete draft. Please help to improve it by addressing the issues from the discussion page and remove this template when finished.
The GoodRelations Cookbook
Recipe GoodRelations for Real Estate
Description Instructions on how to model real estate offers with GoodRelations
Status stub
Level intermediate
Tags real estate, search, rich signals


Real estate offers can benefit a great deal from publishing offer information in a structured form using GoodRelations, because

  • offers have many relevant characteristics (number of rooms, location, flooring,...),
  • the geo-position of offer and demand is relevant, and
  • current search consumes a lot of time and money.

Think of a mobile application that, while you commute to work, makes your smartphone vibrate each time you are passing by a rental opportunity that meets your search profile!

The first company to start publishing real estate data based on GoodRelations is Yahoo Real Estate, e.g.



<div typeof="gr:Offering" about="#offer">
 <div property="gr:name">Apartment for Rent in Soho</div>
 <div property="gr:description">This is the coolest spot to live.</div>
<!-- Business Function -->
 <div rel="gr:hasBusinessFunction" 
<!-- Contract duration -->
    Contract duration: <div rel="gr:hasEligibleQuantity"> 
      <div typeof="gr:QuantitativeValue">
        <div property="gr:hasMinValue" datatype="xsd:int">6</div> to
        <div property="gr:hasMaxValue" datatype="xsd:int">18</div> 
        <div property="gr:hasUnitOfMeasurement" 
	          datatype="xsd:string" content="MON">months</div> 
<!-- price per month -->
 <div rel="gr:hasPriceSpecification">
   <div typeof="gr:UnitPriceSpecification">Price: 
    <span property="gr:hasCurrency" content="USD">$</span>
    <span property="gr:hasCurrencyValue" datatype="xsd:float">800</span> per
        <div property="gr:hasUnitOfMeasurement" 
	          datatype="xsd:string" content="MON">month</div> 
 Condition: <div property="gr:condition">remodeled in 2011</div>