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Design Goals

Work in progress: This page is an incomplete draft. Please help to improve it by addressing the issues from the discussion page and remove this template when finished.
  • Directly usable with the state of the WWW at the time of the first release (2008)
  • Usable in a W3C Semantic Web environment, but not dependent on it
  • Works with minimal reasoning
  • OWL DL, so that it can be mixed with other OWL DL schemas and data without turning the result into OWL Full.
  • Syntax-neutral
  • Industry-neutral
  • Suitable for all stages of the value chain
  • Extensible
  • Decoupled from product innovation (product types and features) in particular industries
  • Dynamic Data Granularity
  • Lexical Carry-over
  • Incremental Refinement
  • Dynamic Degree of Disambiguation
  • Deferred Consensus