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GoodRelations for Manufacturers of Commodities


If you are a manufacturer of commodities, you can use GoodRelations to help every small Web shop on the globe to sell your products. Simply add GoodRelations markup to your datasheet pages (e.g. those with all technical features) - and that's it! Search engines and novel browser extensions can then automatically add your rich product description, including all distinct features, to every shop page that sells your products, based on the product identifier (e.g. EAN, GTIN14, or MPN).

The potential customer will see all strengths and features of your products, not just the incomplete data from the single shop. alt Using GoodRelations data for datasheets
Figure: Enriching shop pages with vendor-provided datasheet data.


The simplest way to publish rich product model master data about your products is to

  1. export a rich catalog from your PIM/PDM/PLM system into the BMEcat XML format,
  2. convert this into GoodRelations data using the BMEcat2GoodRelations tool,
  3. publish the resulting RDF/XML data on a Web server of your choice, and
  4. point to that data from your HTML markup.

For instructions, see the wiki of the BMEcat2Goodrelations tool.

This approach works with every PIM/PDM/PLM or catalog management software that can create BMEcat XML catalogs, which holds for more than 95 % of all applications that we are aware of.