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The History of GoodRelations

This page describes the history of GoodRelations.

2012-11-08: After more than 13 months of hard work, the sponsors of schema.org (Google, Bing/Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex) officially release version 0.99 of schema.org with GoodRelations as the new e-commerce core for search engines.

2011-09-21: Martin Hepp proposes to integrate the GoodRelations data model for e-commerce directly into schema.or at the schema.org workshop in Mountain View, California.

2011-05-06: Bing/Microsoft announces plans to add GoodRelations support to their crawlers in the future.

2010-11-02: Google starts recommending GoodRelations in RDFa for their Rich Snippets technique. A screenshot of the original Twitter announcement is here.

2009-07-22: Yahoo turns on improved rendering for GoodRelations markup in the general Yahoo search results.

2008-xx-yy: Yahoo officially supports GoodRelations for their SearchMonkey rich markup environment.

2008-08-11: Official release of the first version, incorporating informal feedback from Yahoo. Here is the official announcement on the W3C mailing list.

2008-06-05: The GoodRelations ontology is presented in the "Lightning Talks" track at ESWC2008. Here is a picture of that historical ;-) moment (thanks to Knud Möller for documenting it).

2008-02-29: ESWC rejects the GoodRelations paper (the original rejection letter is quite entertaining in retrospect.)

2007-12-15: First complete ontology, Technical Report, and ESWC2008 paper submission.

2006-10-25: First complete set of competency questions. A screenshot of some modeling experiments in Protégé is also still available.

2005-11-02: First documented usage of the name GoodRelations for the project to build a Web ontology that links product data to product type ontologies like eClassOWL.

2001-2007: Various drafts of ontologies for e-commerce developed by Martin Hepp, e.g. eClassOWL and ProdLight