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Changelog: Service Update October 1, 2011

Summary: Microdata compatibility, alignment with, examples, minor extensions, polishing

  1. Made GoodRelations fully usable in Microdata syntax.
  2. Added Microdata processing rules.
  3. Added a mapping to the most relevant classes Person, Organization, Product, Place, and Offer; and for the properties description, image, name, productID, and manufacturer.
  4. Added and improved many examples in Microdata, RDFa, and Turtle syntax.
  5. Added a rdfs:domain to gr:name and gr:description (important for Microdata scenarios).
  6. Added new sections to HTML - "Conceptual Overview" and "Microdata Usage".
  7. Fixed textual definitions of gr:billingIncrement, gr:width, gr:weight, gr:hasUnitOfMeasurement, gr:offers, gr:typeOfGood, gr:DeliveryModePickUp, and gr:BusinessEntityType.
  8. Fixed minor bug in the Stack Overflow links.
  9. Added disjointness axiom between gr:Brand and gr:ProductOrService.
  10. Added gr:vatID property for indicating the VAT ID of the gr:BusinessEntity.
  11. Added gr:taxID property for indicating the Tax / Fiscal ID of the gr:BusinessEntity.
  12. Added gr:License.
  13. Included gr:License in the rdfs:domain of gr:validFrom and gr:validThrough and updated the textual definition.
  14. Included gr:License in the rdfs:domain of gr:eligibleRegions and updated the textual definition.
  15. Included gr:License in the rdfs:domain of gr:eligibleDuration and updated the textual definition.
  16. Changed the rdfs:range of gr:eligibleDuration from gr:QuantitativeValueInteger to gr:QuantitativeValue.
  17. Removed the mutual disjointness axioms between gr:ProductOrService and gr:PaymentMethod, so that e.g. gift vouchers or coins can be both products and payment methods.