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Spreading the Word: Ping Services and Search Engine Submission

Work in progress: This page is an incomplete draft. Please help to improve it by addressing the issues from the discussion page and remove this template when finished.

Once you have added GoodRelations meta-data to your site, you should make it as easy as possible for potential consumers of your data to find it. This page describes how.

Ping Services

You should submit the URI of the XML sitemap of your GoodRelations-empowered shop to the following notification sites, which will relay it to other consumers of GoodRelations data:

Tell Google of your GoodRelations Markup to get Rich Snippets Faster

There is a Google feedback form that you can use to point Google to your shop if it uses GoodRelations markup.

This may speed-up the whitelisting process for Rich Snippets, i.e. you may get Rich Snippets for your products faster when you tell Google of your GoodRelations-empowered site.

Here is the URI:

For the question"Does your site use hidden markup?", answer

  • "yes"

if you are using a shop extension like Magento MSemantic. Other than Google indicates on the pages, this markup is perfectly accepted by Google unless you use it for manipulative purposes. As an explanation, you can post:

"Our site uses RDFa in the GoodRelations snippet-style, because this is the only feasible way of adding respective markup automatically via a shop extension module. We are using the <name of the module> module; our shop runs on <name of the shop software>."

For the question, "What markup format does your site use?", check

  • RDFa

In general, we see now pretty quick and broad acceptance of rich snippets for shops with GoodRelations markup.